Tuesday, 6 January 2009

S.H.E. promo tour

almost 1 week i slept at 4/5am. im so so so tired, exhausted, muscles pain .......
finally on 4th Jan, i get to go home(Pg). departed from KL about 12.30pm with 7 other Xing Guang SHE fanclub members. we almost met with 2 accidents along the journey, scary ride. by the time we reached Pg, i was extremely tired. major headache i had. so, i just sat at a corner avoiding the killing sun light. it was raining when we get to the U-Mobile zone & it got heavier. i just kept my cam & bag under the raincoat ..... oh noo....not risking my baby in the rain.
the stage was high & tent was so small that it couldn't cover all the VIP seats. just minutes before the show started, i got the ALL ACCESS pass & i went to the shade to take pix. all wet, tired but yet excited to hear them sing live. i stare at them more than i shoot. they were so so beautiful & awesome voice.
Sam, from XG. he was so daring! bravo!
ngam ngam 3 of them looked at my cam! my best pix of the nite.
Chai Rong was even daring enough to hug them ASAP!
SHE laughing at Chai Rong for being nervous!
family pix after the showone thing sad about being a photog, u won't appear in memorable photos.
4 more pix, plz click here

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