Thursday, 18 February 2010

Day 359 - 366

Day 366 - its 18.2.2010!!!!! it means i am here in NZ for 1 year already!!!!! wow wow wow ..... tough but interesting year! 1 year gone means another new year coming. i will strive hard to go through 2010 with victory! gambatte!!!!!
work from 12pm to 12am

Day 365 - work from 12pm to 12am

Day 364 - work from 12pm to 12am. got a parcel from dad. yyeehhhh .... my new phone has arrived from UK! thanx dad! its Samsung Taccolite, full touch screen with 3.2 MP camera. i asked dad to buy me a phone coz my old one's joystick is not functioning & too much dust on the screen tht its kinda blocking my view.
our lunch
ladyfinger with squidfried eggs
our dinner
auntie Heng's Koay Teow Th'ng
Angie's Wat Tan Hor
mine - my 2nd attempt on frying mamak mee gorengDay 363 - work from 12pm to 11.30pm
Day 362 - HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! so sad being away from home for CNY. its my 1st time not attending family reunion dinner, can't party with my fella band family! :(
went to kaikan at 9am for CNY meeting. thx to Naomi for giving us a ride! so ... in the meeting, they had a few performances and yummy yummy CNY food. feel just like in heaven! never though can get to eat 'ang ku', 'ribbon pia' etc in NZ. kekeke ..... so CNY mood. after that, went to work from 12pm to 12am. tht's it! how boring is my CNY.
my lunch - fish head beehoon soup
Day 361 - woke up at 11am. quickly do my laundry. then, 2pm i went to Tiffany's house to discuss some upcoming photography jobs & get my salary from the last wedding. by 7pm, went to aunty Heng's house for CNY eve reunion dinner.
buddha jump wall佛跳墙
french bean with squid
yong taufu
fresh salmon
roast pork & duck
yong chilli
tao pei kang
Day 360 - work from 12pm to 12am
my supper - 1st attempt of me frying mamak mee goreng. total failure ...
Day 359 - work from 12pm to 12am


Babyboss Pictures said...

Whoa...your dad give u new handphone!!! I also wan!!!

angie ong said...

kekeke ....