Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Day 573-571

Day 573 - Tonight I'll b shooting NZ Wella Vision Hairstylist Award. im 1 of the 7 students chosen to join this photography competition. the winner will get their photos published in a wellknown fashion magazine.
went to school.then rush back home to take my gears. went to Tifanny's hse to clear my memory cards as tonight we will be shooting in RAW. had a quick lunch and off we go to the Auckland Museum. finished shooting by 10.30pm. i am so so so tired! im so lazy to even cook instant noodle. just have some potato chips while choosing my photos. the deadline to submit the images is tomorrow noon. Exclusive photos just for my readers :)
Wella Boss & panel judges

Day 572 - THIS IS IT! its Ikeda-Hall Peace Garden 10th Anniversary Celebration Day. raining raining raining. woke up at 5.30am to chant with Seiko san & Wendy. it is still raining. chanted 1 hour then get dressed. 8am DIY breakfast. by 9am we head to the hotel to do daimoku & gongyo before heading to the garden. it was still raining. 11am we drove to the Garden.rain has stopped but no sunshine. then rain heavilly again. no choice but to follow Plan B. we're moving the whole ceremony to the cafeteria. we went and set up there. instruments all ready. no rain again. committee decided to move back to the Garden. gosh ... we packed up everything again. yyeeaahhh ..... dream came true .... we're gonna perform the Garden. THEN, even heavy rain poured. the ceremony continued no matter how. changed my identity so many times. was warming up with the band then take photos of the Maori leaders give blessings, Ikeda Sensei's message. my gears are all wet. then, they announced that we will have to shift back to the Cafeteria because of the heavy rain. what? pack again? the situation is so crazy. then when we were about to pack up, suddenly the MC announced that they would like to hear the brass band play 1st. YES!!!! we did it!!!! so, changed my identity back to band member. we played 'Morigasaki Beach'. it wasn't our best version but im so touched at that moment. imagining Sensei was around at that moment watching us play in the rain, at this historic moment for SGI NZ and SGI. then, changed to a photographer again. while i was chasing the VIPs taking photos, i heard them continued playing. i was so touched. this is the spirit of Soka brass band. encouraging & giving warmth to people no matter where we are. then, i managed to rush back to play the last song(Blue Ridge Saga) with them. VICTORY!!!! received compliments from Sasaki san (SGI Oceania Chief) and ex mayor Mr Graham Hall. Sasaki san really looked like Sensei. the spirit is also the same. then, we packed again and move to Cafeteria to join the last part of the celebration. when we were about to leave the Garden, we realised that the sakura has fully blossomed. so beautiful! when the ceremony ended .... you know what? sunshine!!! YES, sun came out and it was so warm! our prayers are answered. so mystic! although it was too late, but it was as if the sun came out to congratulate & celebrate our success. we were so so so happy! then, by 4pm we depart from Rotorua. home sweet home. actually im very hungry coz i only had coffee for lunch. when i reached home, my whole body just couldn't function anymore. im out of battery. plan to take a 1 hour nap and wake up to do laundry but slept to the next morning.

Day 571 - all gathered at kaikan at 9.30am. D&G before briefing. had lunch half way to Rotorua. went straight to the Ikeda-Hall Peace Garden at 1.30pm. check out the venue & do sound check. the cherry has not blossom yet. it was so cold. our fingers were all numb. quickly went to hostel and check in. rest for awhile and we head to another hotel to do D&G before going for dinner together with committee & members. after dinner went back to hotel to help create a presentation for tomorrow. reached my hostel by 10pm, help iron some of band members uniform before sleeping. weather forecast says that it is going to rain heavily the whole day. we need daimoku for sunshine, warm & full cherry blossom.

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