Thursday, 18 November 2010

Day 639

happy 80th Anniversary to Soka Gakkai!!! SOKA GAKKAI BANZAI!!!!!

11.18 shud b a significant day. i drop by to join Wendy to homevisit Natsuki. and i did a very struggling decision making. i had sleepless nights whether to do it or not. i asked gohonzon to give me answers. after the support from Wendy & Natsuki, I finally had the courage to do it! my heart is still painful when i forked out the cash but i should not regret. many things is awaiting for me to do!!!!

bcoz i have to work, i couldn't attend Seiko san's YWD Graduation Party .... SAD!!!
but i wish her all the best in WD. thanks for being with us, supporting & encouraging us endlessly all these while. you are sensei's best disciple! its my pleasure being able to know and do kosenrufu with you.

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