Monday, 29 September 2008

Samantha & Jay Sin ROM

congratulations to my dear cousin sister & brother in law!

such a meaningful day for registering their marriage as today (28.9.08) is also Samantha's birthday.

i was not feeling well this morning, had headache & soar throat. after weeks of not enough sleep, i slept, slept & slept till headache. aiks .... terbalik pula ... i should have feel very energetic. luckily i continue to rest after waking up at 7.30am, feel much better to attend the ceremony.Congratulations & Happy Birthday :)


Babyboss Pictures said...
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Babyboss Pictures said...

Your headache...maybe there was a fan blowing directly onto your head when you were sleeping. Masuk angin oledi lar!

angie.mrsandylau said...

ahhahahaha ..... babyboss ah .... in my room, the fan blows to my legs la ..... next time u come again, i'll make sure the fan doesn't blow to your head again!