Sunday, 13 December 2009

Day 292 - 300

Day 300 - was supposed to go to school to meet Tiffany ... so i woke up earlier. received a mail from M'sian Embassy. my passport renewal application was rejected because my thumprint was not witnessed & signed by the Justice of Peace. haizzz ..... have to go find Mr JP again. went to top up my Internet credit.then my phone rang. it was boss who asked for help. the restaurant is very busy. so i quickly ran to the shop. i took me 20 seconds to reach. about 2.30pm i went to JP's house but he was too busy to entertain me. so i have go back again tomorrow. then, drive boss home. i took the car and drove to school. do quotation with Tiffany for our next job. edit some photos from the concert and burn to DVD. by 5pm, went back to work till 11pm.
Day 299 - work from 2pm till 12am. had nasi kandar for lunch & fish head soup for dinner.

Day 298 - went yumchar with boss,family & friends. it was not a good session coz the restaurant has got a wedding going on. although we were placed in a private room but there was no one to serve us. kanasai! waited for our tea to be served for almost 30 min! the dimsum was just ok.
the wedding
after that went back to boss house to burn his son's graduation photo into dvd. Tiffany came to seek my help on burning a dvd for client. after that went for dinner before boss dropped me home. while waiting for my laundry to be ready, I walked to Queen St's Borders to read books.
dinner at Tang Dynasty Soup
Buddha Jump Wall
boss & Angie - pork rib rice in lotus leaf (around $20)
boss & Angie - emperor soup 皇帝汤 (i think its $20-25)
mine - stew pork with abalone sauce $11
stew quail in coconut soup $19
our dessert - mango pudding

Day 297 - went to work at 11am coz I need to leave by 4pm. going to shoot a fundraising concert organized by a SGI member for those head & neck cancer patients. i first approach the organizer (Lucy) through Seiko. Lucy called me and said that her dad was a proffesional photographer. i told her I am just a student. so she told me there will be 4 more photographers on that night. so, i emailed her some of my concert images and she was very happy with my work. when i reached the venue. OMG! im the only photographer! steady ... steady ... steady ....! im satisfy with my shots. but wonder how the organizer feels. will share with you guys soon after i deliver the photos.

Day 296 - woke up at 8.30am. going to shoot boss's son graduation. this is the 1st time i'v attended a graduation ceremony. the speeches and the whole ceremony was so touching. i can feel the importance of education and can imagine those graduates' hard work in order for them to step on the stage to receive their scrolls. can feel the happiness of parents and friends who were there to cheer for their love ones. that's Shunhan ~ boss's son he has got Bachelor Degree in Spacial Design! congrats! from left: Jacky, me, Angie, Shunhan, bossfrom left: boss, me, Angie, auntie Fonga, auntie Henglunch at Korean restaurantspicy porkspicy seafood soupstew beef

Day 295 - work from 2pm - 12am

Day 294 - work from 2pm - 11pm

Day 293 - work from 2pm - 11am Summer is here! its hot & humid. now only need to wear 1 layer. yahoo ... can wash less cloths! hehehe ......

Day 292 - work from 12pm - 12.30am

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