Saturday, 9 January 2010

Day 320 - 326

Day 326 - woke up at 3pm. did 1 hour daimoku. then went to have dinner with Angie at Newmarket. after dinner, went to Parnell for a chocolate drink. then, they dropped me off at Borders. read some books till about 11pm.

Day 325 - today is so cold. so strange weather. cold in summer? haizzz ..... michael, its heaven for you here. worked from 12pm - 11.30pm. had hokkien prawn mee as supper. online & watched drama till 5am.

Day 324 - worked from 2pm - 12.00pm

Day 323 - worked from 2pm - 11.00pm

Day 322 - worked from 2pm - 10.00pm

Day 321 - still day off. went to Angie's house whole day again. continue with Red Cliff 2.

Day 320 - new year day off. went to Angie's house whole day. watched a few movies that i have missed eg. Red Cliff 1, Ressuraction of Dragon, Connected.

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