Monday, 19 July 2010

Day 514 - 516

Day 516 - not too cold

with Masao, Nigel & Wendy, we went lunch and bought a birthday cake for Seiko san. started chanting at 12.45pm and do all warm ups. made a surprise for Seiko san before the meeting started. its Youth Meeting today and VMB performed 'Youth Climb The Mountain'. the theme for the mtg was 'Courage'. it was so high at the end of the meeting when 'Wet Tissues' (SGI NZ rock band) performed. it was my 1st time taking the group photo. thanks to Koji san for giving me the opportunity. met a group of SGM members who were on working holiday.

went to work from 5-11pm. tired.

Day 515 - rainy day.

went for rehearsal in the morning. helped Wendy to buy some PC stuff. went to Victor's house to get some stuff and watched TV. had dinner at Wendy's house while working on some banner deco for tomorrow's meeting. then to Nigel's house to play 'Werewolf' again. but no drinking this round as we need to perform the next day.

Day 514 - sunny and cold.

it was the most relaxed working night. not much customers. we went home at 11pm! great!

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