Monday, 21 July 2008

SGI President Ikeda's Encouragement

"Youth is a truly wonderful thing. Unfortunately, though, this is often something that's hard to appreciate when we're young. Life passes by quickly. Before we know it, we are old. That's why in our youth we should be as active as we possibly can. Rather than a life of blank pages, live a life crammed full of memories -of battles well fought and wonderfully diverse experiences. Not to leave behind any history, to just grow old and die, is a sad way to live."

This is what im fighting for all these while. i want to create history in my life day by day, month by month, years by years .......One will never grow in a comfort zone or environment.Only there is obstacles and problems arise .. one's character can be formed. i will never give up my dream to be a photographer. all i wanted is just to capture treasured moments, pictures that can move people's heart. it's not about through a lens but through my sincere heart.

Yesterday Princess told me that she used my experience to encourage her friend who is scared to take up photography seriously fearing that it would bring no future compare if he is in accounts or law etc line. actually he inspired me as well coz he ate less & spent less just to save money to buy slr. my experience was actually nothing special. ok .. share abit here.
i actually started to know forum through a friend's blog. from there .... that's where my photography dream started to come true. without an DSLR, i braved myself (thick face) to join whatever outings that they've organized. because i knew that if i were to just sit in front of my pc to view photos that they have shot, i will learn nothing. not to say nothing but not much. so ... everyone was holding slr while i had my loyal compact camera with me. it in fact inspired me everytime i go out with them & not being shame that i don't have a slr. time goes by, one or two of close friends from FK willingly borrow me their slr for me to shoot whenever there is an outing. thats where i started to learn how to use slr until today. i still remember my 1st wedding assignment. i was invited by a FK member to assist him in Singapore.(i dono why out of so many experts in FK, he invited me)[now we are good friends]. there will be 2 guys (that i've only knew for 6 months) and me a girl only for the 2D1N of course objected but i insisted that i wanted to go coz it would be a golden opportunity for me to learn. i promised that i will take good care of myself & i did. never had i thought that my small fighting for dream spirit could be used to encourage another person.

and also not forgetting my pledge to myself to learn more languages as well. the significant thing about learning language is that you also learn & experience about the particular culture & education. who knows one day i shall use it to help someone somewhere.

well ... just an update, im currently learning violin through my trumpet junior for fun. she's so kind enough to leave me with her old violin so that i can practice anytime. thanks Xin Ying. somehow she found my talent in playing because during my sister's farewell party, i wanted to dedicate a song to my sis. rather than singing, i gave her a surprise. i learned 'twinkle twinkle little star' with Xin Ying's expensive new violin in 10 min time. i presented the song in front of 20 over friends and of course i received standing ovation..... hahhahahaha ...... (tail raised). im currently working on my Concert B
b scale. eerrrr....can memorize the fingerings di but need to smoothen it.

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