Saturday, 2 August 2008

The Chronicles of Angie - Pt 1

last nite i couldn't sleep well so i went and korek my old photos out. looking at it one by one, refreshing my sweet memories.
while waiting for boss to be here .... i scanned some of it to share with you.

Angie in the 80's

1987~with dad - Singapore
miss you dad, faster come back! which cutie is me?
1988~at home (Rasa Sayang Hotel ambassador) just kidding ... dad mom worked there 1989~with mom&grandma - Perth
harbour mom, me & grandma the amazing stalagmite & stalactite gold panning1st ever oversea birthday party to be continued .....


g3k, kay khoon said...

wah, your poses and smile all the same one, last time till now not changed. haha

w@nm3i™ said...

didn't know u miss dad.. my eyes flooded wen i saw u wrinting dat. btw, i'm at skul now.. so i won't cry. btw, i x miss dad.. i guess i'm already use to it.. well, ppl walk in n out of our life.. nothing to be worry about it..

mystic laws alwayz answer our prayers.. lately only i started to pray for dad.. if we kep on doing kosen-rufu. i'm sure dad wud meet sumone hu's doing kosen-rufu..

:) hope cheerful joy!

angie.mrsandylau said...

g3k ..... hahhaha ...... bo huat!

wanmei ... u think my heart is made of steel izzit .... its a mixture of angry+miss+forgive+dun care+ etc
i pray everyday for him ... not like u .... :P

K.T.Wong said...

Wah... since small already wear so chio~ Hot pants in your first pic :P

Albert Yap said...

wahhh very agreeee with G3K bro loh, 'one biscuit mould' looked identical all the way till now...