Friday, 22 August 2008


just called oppa this morning.
oppa said he has sent my documents to the university & they are going through my application. it would take longer time to screen through as there has not been a Malaysian applying before. mostly Japanese & Chinese(China).

i should be getting the call either from oppa or university by tomorrow or day after. i must chant more. nothing else can help me. i still can't exert myself to chanting long hours with full determination. i have so far done 1 1/2 to 2 hours a day, but i know that is not enough. serene & victor can do it, why can't I? must also show actual proof of gohonzon. must make my family, yb & gakkai proud.
Korea has always been a land where nobody wishes to go. even my teacher discourage us to go because it is so difficult to survive there. he loves M'sia so much & many Koreans are coming here. smiling in my heart, i said to myself ..... hehehe ...... good! then my opportunity 2 make full use of my Korean, contributing to the society in M'sia will definitely be there.

something happened last few days. i gotta cope with it! must overcome it with full of wisdom & open heart; as the WLS(Wisdom of the Lotus Sutra) says the purity of our 6 senses. purity of heart.


w@nm3i™ said...

so what's d result??

hey.. ystrday i was so down.. can't even speak a word and was crying at all time. especially wen i chant. i chanted for 85 minutes yesterday. thanx to ming jie.. she chanted along wit me for half an hour. i even cried wen i go to class. every msg i receive from ming jie sure i'll cry.. i've cried until our YB performance is over. it's been a long n tiring day for my eyes n brain yesterday.. i can't even eat my dinner. i've only drank a cup of milo. when the clock turn 8, jst as before my teacher starts teaching. i quickly turn on "and the fire rage" i recorded on sunday. n listen tru it. i can feel BTCC i tel u!!

:) I'm strong now! nothing can defeat me!!

angie.mrsandylau said...

y r u down?