Monday, 20 July 2009

Day 147 - 153

Day 153 - finally i handed in my assignment. it was supposed to due on Friday but nobody handed in. i guess my lecturer also expected the case.

Day 152 - 2nd day of YWD Conference(actual day of YWD foundation day 7.19). again learned alot from those experiences & study session (self reliant faith & spirit of mentor and disciple)today im the photographer for the event. i just thought to shoot for fun but there wasn't a OP for 2nd day. i had to download all the photos to make slideshow during the closing ceremony. some of my photos of the day has been sent to SGI Japan & it might be published if im lucky enough. anyway, i already saw the photos I took last month published in SGI-NZ monthly magazine. trying to get some extra copies to send back home. today is also a special day for me because I enshrined Gohonzon! yes! its an honour to receive it in front of whole NZ young women members! i didn't manage to enshrine when i wanted to go Korea. all these 2 yrs of my prayers going unanswered has a reason behind i guess. Gohonzon has sent me to a wonderful land to fulfill my mission!

Day 151 - damn. no bus! i waited for half hour in a stormy & windy weather and yet there's no bus coming. cialat nia! finally boared a bus but then i was already late. im the MC for the 1st day of YWD conference. i received a few sms from my leader, worrying about me in such weather coz i just recovered from flu. when i reached, a WD came & fetch me from bus stop. the members here are very caring & warm. many thanks.
had a great time being emcee although im very nervous. the whole conference was so awesome! a few YWD travelled back to NZ just to attend it. from Melbourne, HK, US, UK. heard a lot of experiences & study session (powerful daimoku & establishing a foundation of genuine happiness) was great. a different ambience from those conferences in Malaysia. they also arranged a surprise birthday party for Seiko, Liz & those born in July. dinner was superb, we had fresh oysters, mussels, ham, fried chicken sushi, cheese cake etc. after dinner there's entertainment segment where the members can perform anything they like! some are so hilarious & some has great vocal.

Day 150 - went to Tiffany's house to shoot for our assignment. had lunch at her house before going to school together. today is suppose to be last day of handing in assignment but nobody did including me. feel so bad.

Day 149 - study ... work ... sleep

Day 148 - had emcee prep in the morning. then rush to Tiffany's house to shoot assignment. we didn't attend class. u may have option of going to class or shoot outside, your attendance will be ticked (provided you have to inform the lecture in advance & show proof the next day).

Day 147 - study ... work ... sleep. still suffering from flu.

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