Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Day 101 - 105

Day 105 - study ... work ... sleep. its 3 degree today.
winter is coming!Angie's Kitchen ... my workplace
Day 104 - its Queen's birthday, so its public holiday. slept from last night 8.30pm till 11.30am. i never had that long and soundful sleep for long long time. i think im too tired. work from 2pm - 11pm.

Day 103 - its 31st May 09! its Victorious March Band & Manukau City Band joint concert. it was fullhouse!i felt touched with the smoothness & the outcome of the concert. everyone played so well, better than the usual practice and strong applaused from audiences. one of the flutist broke her flute after 2nd song but she still hold up her flute till the end of our pieces. poor girl, she really put lots of effort in playing.
had Korean dinner with Nigel. the weather was so cold that both of us were shivering while walking back to our apartments. it was 4 degree after checking the internet.
trumpet 1s from Manukau band. i looked really small rite?!Stuart the saxophonist .... Korean member ... he is so cute ... with Katherine, Manukau band conductor. she is so awesome. during rehersal, she can straight away pin point at the person who played a wrong note. [You .... you played the wrong note at bar 101 ... bla bla bla].
Day 102 - i forgot whether the practice is 10am or 1pm. i woke up too of course. when i confirmed it was 1pm, i went to Angie's Kitchen to work about 2 hours before going for practice. had ramen with Seiko san. went to buy some stuff at foodtown before going home. then, i realised i forgot to but the black file for performance tomorrrow. i braved the cold to walk again to town to get the files while waiting for my laundry to get dry.

Day 101 - study ... work ... sleep.


w@nm3i™ said...

great life!

angie ong said...

kind of ... starting to get used to the environment ...