Monday, 8 June 2009

Day 106-111

Day 111: its mom's birthday. Happy Birthday :)

Day 110: attended World Peace Chanting in the morning. worked in the evening. Day 109: its 24 hours photography competition. June & July is Auckland's Photography Festval month. i shot some crowds waiting to watch 'The Cats' musical. had the urge to watch it too after looking at the big crowd. the previous play was 'Mama Mia'. in the afternoon, went Newmarket to get my 'yum char' salary and walked around window shopping. went home & slept for awhile. had the opportunity to attend the Salvation Army & NZ Air Force band joint concert. actually i bumped into them in the morning while they were doing rehearsal@promotion at town & i was informed about the concert. they were superb. average band members were 20-30 players but they sounded great! Day 108: study ... work ... sleep

Day 107: study ... work ... sleep

Day 106: study ... work ... sleep


w@nm3i™ said...

u noe what.. i forgot bout mum's birthday. haha.. but luckily i did phone mum that evening. Jst coincidentally that i was about to inform mum that 2 of my seniors were gg to rent our rooms. they couldn't find a house while doing their practical in penang. 1 of them practicably in Intel.. I count that a good news. mum cud finally make her shoulder lighter..


angie ong said...

thts great!