Saturday, 20 June 2009

Day 118 - 123

Day 123: today is Saturday so no need to work! went out with boss since morning. her sis in law came for holiday so she brought us go jalan jalan & makan makan. finally i saw cows & sheeps. lol.
brunch ~ dim sum
tea ~ chocolate drink & cakes
dinner ~ 4 course meal & wine
i always thought that I wouldn't have the budget/chance to travel around but many thanx to my boss that I get to travel for free.
tour ~ sylvia park shopping centre, ellerslie
~ taiwan chinese temple
~ One Tree Hill (there is suppose to be a tree up on the high hill but some Maori activist cut it down. so now people called it No Tree Hill)
view from top of the hill
behind me is actually a tower but i didn't bring my wide lens. kindly scroll down to the last photo to view the tower.view from buttom hill
Day 122:study ... work ... sleep
Day 121:study ... work ... sleep
Day 120:study ... work ... sleep
Day 119:study ... work ... sleep
Day 118: study ... work ... sleep. got new assignment! self portrait! gee .... we hav 2 do self portrait this time. still thinking of ideas.

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