Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Day 171 - Day 175

Day 175 - study ... work ... sleep
Day 174 - study ... work ... sleep. start working on studio shoot. new assignment is about studio portrait.
this is a softbox - a common lighting in studio. we have beauty dish, small & big umbrella etc. learned how to shoot with different light ratios & lighting style eg. split (half of your face is shadowed), rembrant(can see triangle shadow on your cheek), paramount (shadow under your nose) & loop(shadow under your nose is 45 degree sideway).

Leanne teaching other classmates in the studioDay 173 - go band practice ... work ... sleep

Day 172 - biggest event ever! i cut my hair short. no longer a long hair girl. ladyboss paid for the haircut. then we went shopping for groceries, she paid that too. dinner with her & boss.


Day 171 - went to Albany to shoot a mini fashion show. it was held in a church, well, its a church event, we(lecturer & us fellow students) didn't know about it until yesterday when we got our pass. the lighting was so terrible, the models on the runway were all amateur, no proper catwalk, didn't even pose at the end of the runway. my lecturer shooked her head too. didn't have much good photos taken. anyway the nibbles served was delicious. haha.

my passin action! from left: lecturer (Leanne), senior, senior (Sam), junior (me)make up artistcrowd coming in
the consolemodel wearing one of the judge's creationinterval - duo singing Endless Love. great vocal.model wearing sponsor's brand


Babyboss Pictures said...

WHAT?!!! You cut your hair short?!!! So sad.

angie ong said...

yup :(
but nvm ... new land, new life, new hairstyle!

w@nm3i™ said...

where's ur new face?? how do u look like?

angie ong said...

i already upload at facebook. will upload here soon :)