Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Day 185 - 189

Day 189 - study ... work ... sleep
my dinner - lamb shank curry + roti (canai)

Day 188 - today is our class field trip to Miruwai Beach. its so beautiful. can see the end of New Zealand from the beach. will upload the photos in my facebook. most of my classmates are Kiwi but they haven't been there before, so, lucky me! wwoohooooo! it was 40 min drive from school. the weather was not good. keep drizzling, so no blue sky to shoot but still, the scenary was awesome. spent about 2-3 hours before departing back to school.

Day 187 - i skipped practice today. im so so tired that i couldn't wake up. Nigel didn't go also coz he got exam.

Day 186 - i was expecting to rest on Saturday but lady boss asked me & auntie heng(colleague) to go yumchar. wondering why she insisted, boss then told autie heng its ladyboss's birthday celebration. ok! go! then they took me to tour around (photos at facebook). then we came across Pumpkin Patch(children apparel) outlet store. it was winter stock clearance. boss found 2 tops, asked me to try. gee .... can fit wor. you know lah, ah mo gau's children size can fit asian's adult. guess what. boss was generous to pay the bill. 2 tops billing less than $20. superb quality, low price. WONDERFUL! thx boss. then, went back to their home to watch a drama 'Little Nyonya'. quite interesting drama. had KFC & a bottle of Heineken for hi-tea. dinner at a Beijing restaurant. went back home, do my laundry and vacuum my room. online with Mendy, Cherry & mom then tidur.

Day 185 - study ... work ... sleep. finished work at 2am. video chat with ah bih, auntie, uncle, Cherry & Mendy till 4am.

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