Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Day 190 - 197

Day 197 - work ... study ... sleep
Day 196 - a happy happy day for me. its Sept 1st, officially SPRING! yahoooo ... winter is over. Nigel came to my room at midnite to give me a surprise. check out my facebook to know what is it all about.
Day 195 - work ... study ... sleep
Day 194 - today no band practice. slept till 2pm then go to work.
Day 193 - went to Angie's Kitchen to help clean the place. then went to boss's house to watch 'The Little Nyonya'.
Day 192 - work ... study ... sleep
it's angie's birthday
Day 191 - work ... study ... sleep
lecture about outdoor portrait exposure
found a gun at the playground. got style ah? do i look like Mrs Smith?learn to use reflector. distinguish the difference between silver & gold reflector.
Day 190 - work ... study ... sleep
lecture at the studio. how to shoot a portrait with the background well exposed.

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