Thursday, 20 August 2009

Day 179 - Day 184

Day 184 - study ... work ... sleep

Day 183 - study ... work ... sleep. feel relieved that those in Korea are recovering now.

Day 182 - study ... work ... sleep

Day 181 - study ... work ... sleep finished work at 2am. damn tired!

Day 180 - went to Nigel's hse to prepare Ai's goodbye card. then went to Naomi's unit to celebrate her birthday. pix at here. went to practice at 11am. had farewell lunch at kaikan. Ai is going back to Japan to study in University. hope she will get into Soka University. all the best. pix at here. then off to work at 5pm.

Day 179 - went to Foodtown to get something for Ai's farewell lunch. bought an apricot pie. then dinner with Angie. online(had video chat with mom & sis) till 4am. received bad news that my band members who are in Korea were down with flu & fever. one of them was H1N1 positive.praying for their speedy recovery.

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