Sunday, 15 March 2009

Day 24 & 25

spent my whole 'day 24' in my room. BORING! signed a new contract on my new room rate $175/week. :) save again :)
today went to band practice again. listened to the music source ... walau eh ... d actual tempo of the song is so fast.can't catch up. gosh .... have to practice harder!

then, went dinner with Nigel at a Malaysian restaurant called 'Angie's Kitchen'. no joke.
haven't had this much of rice for a meal for 2 weeks :) satisfying ...
beef rendang
beef curry
authentic teh tarik original coke
sweet potato (Emily's friend Christine (Hong Kong) belanja me 'thong sui')

my housemate, Emily from China

this is her dinner ..... she cooks really well ...

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